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Pcsx2 Final Fantasy X International Patch

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Pcsx2 Final Fantasy X International Patch

A character must both appear // and act in order to gain AP Dangerously(?), this works for // chacters who haven't joined the party yet.. Lvls - Does not alter any S Lvls of // characters, but rather will prevent any levels being deducted when // completing a grid movement. Click

//patch=1,EE,01E7E66C,byte,00000000 patch=1,EE,D078acca,extended,00000880 // if [] start are held.. Patch=1,EE,01E7E66C,extended,00000000 // 0 s-move cost // // // 99 of all items patch=1,EE,4031D59C,extended,001C0001 // 99 quantity patch=1,EE,63636363,extended,00000000 patch=1,EE,4031D39C,extended,00380001 // each item type patch=1,EE,20012000,extended,00020002 // // // Controls whether or not a certain character 'appeared' // in battle, and 'acted' in battle.. pnach file as a file Some useful guides to help you make some patches: Skipping videos: Cheats and patches in general: Cheat creating guides: and Cheat creating program: Another cheat creating program, more advanced and updated: Always mention the game and game region the patch is for otherwise it will cause confusion! Last but not least you can ask some other member politely to make a patch for you but no one has to do it.. Gametitle= Naruto Ultimate Ninja [SLUS 21358] (U) comment= Video Skip by Refraction //Skip Videos (sceMpegIsEnd) patch=0,EE,0011bbb0,word,24020001 2)Attach your.

//patch=1,EE,1101ED14,extended,00000258 // end blitz half // // 99 items in Slot 1 - Whichever item is in slot 1 has 99 quantity.. Gametitle=Final Fantasy X [SCES 50490] (E) [A39517AB] comment= //ZeroGS Patch - GAME_FFXHACK zerogs=00000080 // // Avoided 199 Lightning Strikes on Thunder Plains // Replace 'C7' with '31' for 49 dodges, '63' for 99, or '95' for 149 // (04=4, 09=9 13=19, 31=49, 63=99, 95=149, C7=199) //patch=1,EE,003198d0,byte,000000C7 //patch=1,EE,00b9e816,byte,000000C7 // // Blitzball - Score is always 99-0 //patch=1,EE,0031AB0E,byte,00000063 // 99 points? //patch=1,EE,0031AB71,byte,00000063 // 99 points? //patch=1,EE,0031AB0F,byte,00000000 // 0 enemy points // // Blitzball - Hold L3 R3 L2 R2 to instantly end the half //patch=1,EE,D078acca,extended,00000603 // if L3 R3 L2 R2 are held. Click

Patch=1,EE,2031D59C,byte,00000063 //patch=1,EE,2031D59D,byte,00000002 // // Sphere Grid Movement costs 0 S. 773a7aa168

Feb 17, 2018 - Download Final Fantasy X-2: International Last Mission (English Patched) PS2 ISO ROM highly compressed for PlayStation 2 or PCSX2. 5